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A letter to Macron on possible rapprochement with Assad

Dear Mr. President @EmmanuelMacron,

I am writing to you regarding recent news that you have intentions to play the pragmatic card in the #Syrian file by initiating discussions with the Syrian dictator, #Bashar Assad (also known as the Syrian Killer).

As a citizen of #France, I’d like to begin with expressing my concerns regarding this potential course of action. France is a country of #human_rights, with the principles of “liberté, égalité, fraternité” at its core.

Moving in the direction of discussing with someone who has blatantly disregarded these principles is not something that I, or any other human being, can understand.

While I do understand the importance of #pragmatism in decision-making, talking to Bashar Assad would be giving him an endorsement with a French touch.

France has been playing the good intention cards with #Iran, and we have seen the fruit of this politics with the recent liberation of French prisoners from Iranian prisons. However, I do not want this politics to sell out the Syrian people to Iran.

Please do not lose your legacy. If you want to be remembered like #Jacques_Chirac, you should show the world, including Iran and Assad, what France is capable of doing and lead the way towards a free country.

While I understand that you may not want to interfere in Syria, I implore you to consider helping the Syrian people who are seeking freedom, #secularism, and #justice.

Talking to Assad would be the worst thing any French president would do in the history of France.

As a citizen of France, I am proud of my country, and I want to continue feeling that way. I urge you not to take any action that could potentially taint the image of our great nation.

France should not move in the direction of discussing with someone who has baffled the principles of “liberté, égalité, fraternité”.

Mr. President Emmanuel Macron, please reconsider your intentions to play the pragmatic card in the Syrian file and do not take any action that could potentially harm the Syrian people seeking freedom, secularism, and justice.

Charles Malek
Charles Malek
Strategy consultant in Biopharma; PhD in Molecular, Cellular Biology & Oncology from Lyon University


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