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Al-Tadamun Massacre: Just one in thousands and counting

The gunman with a fishing hat in a still from the Guardian video; Credit: Guardian video

Last week, a video of a brutal massacre being carried out by members of the criminal Assad regime in the Tadamun neighborhood of Damascus was released by the Guardian bringing media focus to Syria once again. But massacres such as this did not start with the beginning of the Syrian revolution 11 years ago, nor did they end with the massacre in Al-Tadamun in 2013. They began long before even the Hama Massacre of 1982 and have never ended.

The video footage shows a group of civilian detainees, handcuffed and blindfolded, being led to the edge of an execution pit where they were told to run. After falling into the pit that already contained a large number of dead, or mortally wounded, bodies, they were also shot while their executioners jeered and showered them with obscenities.

Those who have analyzed the video believe that approximately 40 men ended up in this execution pit in 2013. But what is even more disturbing about those who were killed is that none of them appeared to be anything close to being militant combatants somehow challenging the Assad regime.

Some were dressed as if they had been dragged out of their offices, some in sports clothes looking as if they had been arrested on their way to the gym and some were wearing pajamas as if being taken from their homes. All of them had come from neighborhoods under the control of the regime.

Last January, SYRIAWISE in a special report written by Eva J. Koulouriotis uncovered another massacre in the same neighborhood of Al-Tadamun which took place on the 18th of July, 2013 that led to the killing of more than 140 innocent civilians.


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