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Blanche Michael

Blanche Michael was born in Cape Town, South Africa, where she lives to this day. Growing up in Apartheid South Africa and witnessing political violence and tyranny first hand as a child, instilled within her a heightened sense of social and political awareness.

Opinion | Syria as an example of a selective implementation of IHL

"The millions left destitute in Syria [...] are among the worst examples of the failure of regional and global powers," writes Blanche Michael

Dr. Imtiaz Sooliman: A giving hand from South Africa to north Syria

Ar-Rahma Medical Complex was established in 2012 and this facility now serves 25000 patients on a monthly basis.

Opinion | Trauma runs deep among Syrian survivors

"The unseen wounds of PTSD and other emotional scars [...] will require increasing support and heightened awareness," writes Blanche MICHAEL.

Opinion | Syria: A lesson from Apartheid South Africa

South Africa recently witnessed the death of Apartheid’s last leader, former president FW de Klerk. A controversial figure, the late president de Klerk was...

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