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Editorial Board

Editorial | Why should we NOT revolt?

The #revolution of the #Syrian people against #Assad is twelve years and counting

Sincere condolences to all affected by Turkey-Syria earthquake

Sincere condolences to #Syrians and the #Turks

Why Syriawise?

#Syriawise is an #online #media outlet intended to be an easily accessible platform for sharing #news and #views on #Syria

Editorial | SYRIAWISE: One year and counting

#SYRIAWISE celebrates its first anniversary with an ongoing pledge to spread the word on #Syria and #Syrians to the world - The Editorial Board

Editorial | Observing Human Rights Day while violations continue unchecked in Syria

"[...] this year’s [...] Day will come and go while #Syria’s political prisoners and arbitrarily detained persons continue to languish in #Assad’s [...] prison system."

Editorial | Another Assad heinous massacre in Syria

On September 11, 2022, Zaman Al-Wasl published an exclusive report about yet another massacre of #Syrian #detainees that occurred in #Aleppo

Editorial | AFP Syria coverage: Unfair and lacks professionalism

#AFP, being the world’s oldest news agency as it was founded in 1835, is required to abide by the ethical values ​​of the media profession

Editorial | Is Syria Independence Day anniversary a cause for celebration?

Syrian National Day has lost its importance and significance after decades of the Assads' tyranny

Editorial | What if Assad stays in power?

If Assad remains, he can only offer Syrians more insecurity, corruption, brutality, ignorance, illnesses, killing and destruction.

Editorial | Unbiased reporting means independent financial resources

How many Syrian media platforms have their own financial resources that can keep them immune against any political or ideological control?

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