Saturday, February 24, 2024
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Saturday, February 24, 2024

Firas Tlass

Syrian opposition figure and businessman currently based in the United Arab Emirates

US Syria strategy should not be judged by the cover

"[...] it is certain that the most insidious role in #Syria was and still is the #American role," writes Firas Tlass

Any prospects for a solution in Syria?

No force alone has enough power to find and impose a solution in #Syria, not even the #USA, writes Mr. Firas Tlass

After Assad’s visit to Moscow, high time to act

"The call now is for some Syrians to come up with a different plan for the entire future of Syria," writes Firas Tlass

Opinion | Syria under Assad: From bad to worse

"There are no solutions for Syria's problems and what makes everyone patient is not hope but fear," writes Firas TLASS.

Opinion | Revisiting the issue of Syrian detainees in Assad prisons

"In Assad’s prisons, unfortunately... there are only about 20,000 detainees, no more, and the rest were gotten rid of," writes Firas TLASS.

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