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Francesca Scalinci

Francesca Scalinci holds a degree in Foreign Languages and Literatures, and a PhD in Anglo-American Studies and New Literatures in English from the University Ca’ Foscari of Venice. Since 2013 she has been following Syrian events. Many of her poems bear the echo of her great love for Syria and Syrians.

‘Cherchez la’ Iran in the hell of the Middle East

#FrancescaScalinci writes about the latest developments in #Syria and #Gaza and the role of #Iran and its allies and that of the #US

Assad’s newest propaganda campaign: ‘Beauty’ and the Beast

"Asma's apparent elegance and delicacy is meant to make the world forget about tattooed thugs, arbitrary imprisonment, torture and savage bombings," writes Francesca Scalinci

Analysis | Weaponizing humanitarian aid: An old Assad tactic

"[...] it is vital for us to spread correct information so that #aid #donors can choose wisely," writes Francesca Scalinci

Analysis| Meloni’s government in Italy: What prospects for Syria?

"... it is difficult to predict what will be #Italy's new government stand towards #Syria and the #Assad regime," writes #FrancescaScalinci

Why are many young Syrians dying of heartache?

"Science is proving that #Syrians in exile run four times more the risk of dying of a heart attack," writes #FrancescaScalinci

News Report | Again, Rukban Camp and its dead-alive inhabitants

"The situation in Rukban has long ago passed the limit of human acceptability and its residents are once again asking for a solution," writes Scalinci.

Opinion | Dear Ukrainians: Assad, not Syrian, mercenaries

"I pray this war will stop soon and I wish the Ukrainian resistance to be victorious over the Russian invaders and aggressors," writes Francesca SCALINCI.

Analysis | Of a Putin feather, Assad and Lukashenko flock together

Assad received quite legitimate accusations: exploiting migrants to put Europe in the corner and accelerate the rehabilitation of his regime.

Will Pope Francis visit Syria under Assad?

While many countries are re-establishing diplomatic ties with the Syrian regime, what implications might Cardinal Sandri’s visit to Syria have, especially in the view...

Obada Jbara: Reclaiming life through Parkour and Freerunning in Idlib

In Idlib, just like in Gaza and Kashmir, Parkour and Freerunning have become not only resistance tools but also means to affirm life in...

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