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George Tuma

George Tuma is the publisher and chief editor of Medical & Cosmetic Arts Magazine; specialist in Spirituality, Health, and Healing; an Instructor of Electro Cosmetic, Therapy and a Practioner of Holistic Medicine, (Complementary and Alternative). He has published several articles in scientific journals.

The role of Folklore in the Syrian cultural identity

"#Syrians need to preserve their #cultural #heritage to the point of considering it a sacred trust handed down by their ancestors, writes Dr. George Tuma

The tortoise: The ‘Godfather’ of U.S. Syria policy

American administrations keep looking at the tortoise as their guiding godfather in their handling of the Syrian crisis, writes George Tuma

Obituary | Syrians mourn the mother of five generations

NouraHimish managed her time between raising children, working in farming, and delivering the babies of other women

Putin in Syria and Ukraine but his eyes on the North Pole

"[...] #Arctic region will witness a sharp military confrontation between the #UnitedStates, #Russia, and #China over natural resources," writes Dr. Tuma

Ugaritic: One of the world’s first alphabets originated in Syria

#Ugaritic alphabet appeared in the city of #Ugarit (currently known as #RasShamra and #RasIbnHani) on the northern coast of #Syria

Opinion | Syrian revolution as a renaissance movement

"#Syrians continue to believe that the restoration of freedom and dignity must be achieved at all costs," writes Dr. George Tuma

Syria: Land of a blend of spirituality

"[...] the #Syrian being is a fabric that is culturally interwoven with human thought since ancient times," writes Dr. George Tuma

Christmas tree: A pre-Christianity ritual originated in Old Syria

"Ancient Syria was the birthplace of this pre-Christianity tradition just as it was the birthplace of Jesus Christ himself," writes Dr. George Tuma

Orontes River: Syrian civilization in a watercolor portrait

The #Orontes inspired artists over the centuries and presented humanity with magnificent mosaics indicative of the extent of wealth

Homs: A hub of energy vortexes

"it was in #Syria that the first human civilization was introduced to other peoples a million years ago," writes #BioEnergy expert #GeorgeTuma

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