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George Tuma

George Tuma is the publisher and chief editor of Medical & Cosmetic Arts Magazine; specialist in Spirituality, Health, and Healing; an Instructor of Electro Cosmetic, Therapy and a Practioner of Holistic Medicine, (Complementary and Alternative). He has published several articles in scientific journals.

Banias: A testimony to the rich heritage of Syria’s Golan

The ancient #Syrians established the city,of #Banias located about 20 kilometers away from the city of #Quneitra

Bedouins burying their dead unearthed the story of a civilization

The ancient city of #Mari, today's Tell al-Hariri, is located on the right bank of the #Syrian Middle #Euphrates basin

Syrian artist Abu Subhi al-Tinawi

#AbuSubhiAlTinawi was the first #Arab #artist whose work was displayed along with #Picasso's #paintings

Syria’s al-Hommal Well: Layers of history document its civilization

This well is considered to be one of the most important archeological sites in the world, writes Dr. George Tuma

Saeed Tahsin: A Syrian self-trained artist

Born in #Syria's #Damascus in 1904, Saeed Tahsin left behind a magnificent legacy of historically significant #artwork

Fasting tradition throughout the Syrian civilization

#Fasting is an experience that the majority of human #civilizations have practiced since ancient times, writes Dr. George Tuma

The role of Folklore in the Syrian cultural identity

"#Syrians need to preserve their #cultural #heritage to the point of considering it a sacred trust handed down by their ancestors, writes Dr. George Tuma

The tortoise: The ‘Godfather’ of U.S. Syria policy

American administrations keep looking at the tortoise as their guiding godfather in their handling of the Syrian crisis, writes George Tuma

Obituary | Syrians mourn the mother of five generations

NouraHimish managed her time between raising children, working in farming, and delivering the babies of other women

Putin in Syria and Ukraine but his eyes on the North Pole

"[...] #Arctic region will witness a sharp military confrontation between the #UnitedStates, #Russia, and #China over natural resources," writes Dr. Tuma

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