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Kamal Al Labwani

Syrian writer and political opposition figure

Will Israel change its position on Assad after Oct. 7?

#DrKamalAlLabwani writes about whether #Isarel will continue to deal with the #Assad regime just as it has done till Oct. 7, 2023

Opinion | Has Syria died?

"Yes, the Assad regime has survived, until now, but the state has died, landwise, peoplewise and sovereigntywise," writes Dr. Kamal Al Labwani

Analysis | Impact of Netanyahu’s victory on the Syrian file

"For the #Arab countries, #Netanyahu's victory will strengthen their hardline stance on #Iran," writes #DrKamalAlLabwani

Opinion | Syria in the eye of Russian-Chinese-Iranian storm

"It is a strategic mistake by the #West to ignore #Syria and allow #Iranian militias and #Russia to dominate it," writes #KamalAlLabwani

Opinion | US administrations are killing Syrians by abstention

"Legally, not doing anything while one can amounts to a crime as the result is the massacre of a people," writes Kamal Al Labwani to #SYRIAWISE

Opinion | Will the US wind make the Syrian boat sail?

"The #Syrian people suffered foremost from the #USAdministration's policy," writes Syrian opposition figure Kamal Al Labwani

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