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Salam Abo Shala

Human rights activist; journalist; researcher in intangible folklore and folk traditions.

Salam Hamed: An artist in a bombed room ‘studio’

I chose this studio in the midst of this destruction to tell the world that our destroyed homes were once bustling with life, says Salam Hamed.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | From a Syrian mother’s heart

"Do you know that longing is a prison, nostalgia is an arrest, and waiting is a single cell?"

Akram Sweidan: Painter on death

This is a case when boxes of ammunition, rounds of bullets and Russian cluster bombs that fell on Syrians turn into a masterpiece that resists death.

A Syrian woman’s asylum journey to France

“Hold on, Douha. We will resist together the cancer of the body and the cancer of tyranny.”

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