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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Sam Aman

Writer on Middle East affairs

What if Assad wins his war on the Syrian people?

The #Hitler of the 21st century should not be allowed to resurface as the victor over millions of innocent #Syrians, writes Sam Aman

Assad’s no. 1 enemy: The White Helmets

"#Assad will keep attacking the #WhiteHelmets' #volunteers as lying is one of the basic pillars of his #regime," writes Sam Aman

A nuclear Iran is a threat to Arabs, not Israel

"[....] nothing is more dangerous for #Arabs than a #nuclear #Mullah," writes Sam Aman

With 3rd generation Assadists, the worst yet to come

The dark future of Syria "is best left to the wild and surreal imagination of a Hollywood screenplay writer," writes Sam Aman

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