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Saturday, December 3, 2022


Childhood covered in grease and oil

#Photo | #Syrian childhood covered in grease and oil

A camp for IDPs in northwest Syria

#Photo | A camp for #IDPs in northwest #Syria - Fared Al Mahloul

Damascus less safe than Assad regime claims

“Western governments should not be fooled by Assad’s claim that the Syrian capital is safe for the country’s refugees, or anyone else,” concludes Dr. Haid

Quadruplets in an IDP tent northwest Syria

Quadruplets born in an IDP tent northwest Syria

Even in wretched camps, children love playing

This photo pictures an aspect of life in the camps in the northwestern part of Syria.

Al-Tadamun massacre mural

This mural came In response to the horrifying Guardian video published on April 27, 2022 of Al-Tadamun massacre.

Very young but tired hands

He is just one example of millions of Syrian children who lost everything, with no hope for a better future.

Two massacres, one perpetrator: Putin

The perpetrator in both is the same: Russia's Vladimir Putin.

The Syrian version of a Cinderella shoe

"The father of one of them could only recognize his son by the shoe," said on his Twitter account Mark Cutts, the U.N. deputy regional humanitarian coordinator for Syria.

Solidarity with Ukraine in Syria’s Idlib

This is a reminder to the world that what is taking place now in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities is not a new thing.

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