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Monday, March 20, 2023

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Prof. Josepha Wessels: ‘Syria is my personal priority’

Meet Prof. Josepha Wessels who is a visual anthropologist/human geographer, #Associate #Professor in #Media and #Communication #Studies

Artists4Syria: Online art exhibition to support earthquake victims

On March 5, 2023, a group of these artists conducted an #online #exhibition of their work titled #Artists4Syria

Samira al-Khalil: A gentle rebel against tyranny and injustice

Today, the first annual #SamiraAlKhalil #Prize will be presented in #Paris on International Women’s Rights Day

Tribute | Marie Colvin: Gone but not forgotten

Feb. 22, 2023 marked the 11th anniversary of the killing of courageous #American war #correspondent #MarieColvin by #Assad regime

Another Assad war criminal successfully prosecuted in Germany

Mouwafak Al. D. was found guilty of #war #crimes and crimes against humanity in #Syria in 2014

Press | Terrorism is mainly the product of Iranian Mullahs

The continued #crimes of the #Iranian regime are caused by the international community's leniency, writes @tariqalhomayed in @aawsat_News

National figure Aiad Koudsi: ‘Enough! Syria is being crushed’

Meet Mr. Aiad Koudsi, a Syrian national figure who has consistently made honorable imprints during the past twelve years

United, Syrians stand when UN/world fails them

After its failure to help them, #Syrians struck by the NW #Syria #earthquake sent a strong message to the #UN: "We are united."

Press | Earthquake in Syria: One man’s crimes are worse

"[...] those who are trying to 'whitewash' the Assad regime [...] are committing a grave and compound mistake," writes @tariqalhomayed

Press | Syria: From a political earthquake to a natural one

The natural #earthquake that struck #Syria is an extension of a political earthquake that began in 1949, writes Khairallah in @asasmedialb

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