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Twelve years after the massacre: Remembering the victims of Al-Houla

May 25, 2012 is the day of the bloody massacre of 108 civilians in the #Syrian village of #Taldou which came to be known as #AlHoula Massacre

Landmark war crimes trial for 3 top Syrian officials in Paris

A #Paris Criminal Court began a trial in absentia of three high-ranking #Syrian officials, Ali Mamlouk, Jamil Hasan and Abdel Salam Mahmoud

Issam al-Attar: A life of courage, resistance and advocacy

#IsamAlAttar passed away in #Aachen, #Germany on May 2, 2024, at the age of 97

Republished Interview | Syria’s astronaut who turned into a refugee

#SYRIAWISE republishes a previous interview (first appeared on Jan. 15, 2022) with #MohammadFaris in honor of his memory

Meet Adwar Hashwa: Syrian lawyer, writer and politician

Almost 90 years old, lawyer and politician #AdwarHashwa is still active in calling for a future unified #Syria, among other demands

Astronaut Mohammad Fares laid to rest in liberated Syria

#MohammadFares’ body was returned to #Syria for burial on Monday, April 22, 2024 according to his wish

Syria’s Independence Day: High time for a real one

Sadly, #Syrian #IndependenceDay has lost any importance or significance it once had after decades of brutality, corruption, and tyranny

Sultan Al-Atrash: An icon of Syrian resistance

More than 42 years after his death, #SultanPashaAlAtrash is still looked at as a symbol of #Syrians' unyielding ongoing resistance

The 2024 Annual For Syria Conference held in Washington DC

An exceptionally well-organized event coordinated by the #AmericanCoalitionForSyria (#ACS) that included prearranged visits to #CapitolHill

Uniting Voices: American Coalition for Syria Conference 2024

For those passionate about supporting the #Syrian cause, this is an event not to be missed

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