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Yasser Ashkar

Former instructor at Istanbul University. Ashkar is a Founding Member of the Association of Syrian Refugees, Human Rights Activist and Journalist. He currently lives in Michigan, USA.

No kidding: Syria falls below North Korea in press freedom

According to #WFPI, #Syria was ranked second from the last out of 180 countries in the 2024 below #NorthKorea

Syria’s legacy of hospitality: Embracing refugees throughout history

#YasseAshkar writes about #Syria's long history in embracing #refugees

Boomerang | From Putin to Assad: A tale of terrorism and hypocrisy

#YasserAshker writes about the hypocrisy and non-stop lying on the part of the #Assad regime

Politics on the pitch: Controversy surrounding Syria’s national soccer team

"#Sports in #Syria under the #Assad regime have never been far from the political arena," writes Yasser ASHKAR

At the expense of Gaza, Assad talks about honor

"the #Assad regime has killed more #Arabs [...] than #Netanyahu and all previous #Israeli leaders," writes Yasser Ashkar

Hafez Assad’s ‘Corrective Movement’: Mother of Syria’s evil

The “victory” of #HafezAssad achieved by kidnapping the rule of law in #Syria in 1970 was called the “Corrective Movement”

‘Smile, General!’: Syrian TV series raises controversy

'Smile, General!' is a #TV #series that will set a precedent in #Syrian and #Arab drama as the norm is to avoid dealing with these kinds of topics

Asma Assad selling Syria’s antiquities to the highest bidder

The name of Asma #Assad appears in every major project in the capital #Damascus and #Syria as a whole

Assad starves Syrians to bring them to their knees

The economy has never ever been worse than it is these days with the #Syrian Pound hitting an unprecedented low

The shameful fall of Syria’s Aleppo 6 years ago

December 15, 2022 marked the sixth anniversary of the fall of #Aleppo to the #Assad regime

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