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After the quake, Syrians in Türkiye facing more challenges

Some #Syrians in #Türkiye prefer to go back to #Syria for now in the hope the situation would be a little better there

Another Assad war criminal successfully prosecuted in Germany

Mouwafak Al. D. was found guilty of #war #crimes and crimes against humanity in #Syria in 2014

United, Syrians stand when UN/world fails them

After its failure to help them, #Syrians struck by the NW #Syria #earthquake sent a strong message to the #UN: "We are united."

Some ways for helping earthquake victims in Syria financially

Some #organizations that have been working nonstop to help the #victims of the #earthquake with links for supporting them financially

Analysis | Weaponizing humanitarian aid: An old Assad tactic

"[...] it is vital for us to spread correct information so that #aid #donors can choose wisely," writes Francesca Scalinci

Sincere condolences to all affected by Turkey-Syria earthquake

Sincere condolences to #Syrians and the #Turks

Asma Assad selling Syria’s antiquities to the highest bidder

The name of Asma #Assad appears in every major project in the capital #Damascus and #Syria as a whole

News Report | Syrians fear hospitals as medical care deteriorates

The medical situation in #Syria under #Assad rule is not only very miserable but also deadly dangerous

Analysis | Türkiye’s normalization with Assad: Gains and losses

"[...] the step of normalization with #Assad will deprive #Ankara of the importance of its role in the #Syrian file," writes Eva Koulouriotis

Syria into 2023: Out of the frying pan into the fire

The #Assad regime wants to rule #Syria forever. It will not seek a solution and as a matter of fact, it cannot come up with one

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