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Analysis | Why won’t the U.S. help in Syria?

Syria, an Arab country in the Middle East, has been engaged in what appears to be an endless war since March of 2011. Triggered by the Arab Spring protests, Syria’s civil unrest grew out of discontent with the authoritarian regime led by President Bashar Assad and his supporters (Iranian-backed...

Syria must go back to news headlines, not the Arab League

March 2021 marked the tenth anniversary of the beginning of the anti-Syrian regime protests, which after being brutally crushed by the security forces escalated into a civil conflict that continues to this day. A decade later, the Damascus government seems to have won as the country's leader, Bashar Assad,...

Born in exile: Syrians at risk of statelessness

To be stateless is not to be recognized as a national by any state. This happens due to gaps in nationality laws and states’ political decisions, such as state succession. The consequences of being stateless involve exclusion from access to rights such as education, movement and healthcare. Stateless persons...

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