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Rosanne Symons: South African doctor with a passion for Syria

"I fell unashamedly in love with the #Syrian people when I first crossed into their beautiful blood-soaked land," says Dr. Rosanne Symons

Nada Odeh: Syrian artist and curator

"#Syria has been going through tyranny for a very long time," says #artist and #curator #NadaOdeh in an #interview with #Syriawise

Blanche Michael reflecting on Syria from autocracy to genocide

"I never imagined them [the #Assad regime] to be akin to a bunch of #Nazis," Blanche Michael told #Syriawise

Prof. Josepha Wessels: ‘Syria is my personal priority’

Meet Prof. Josepha Wessels who is a visual anthropologist/human geographer, #Associate #Professor in #Media and #Communication #Studies

National figure Aiad Koudsi: ‘Enough! Syria is being crushed’

Meet Mr. Aiad Koudsi, a Syrian national figure who has consistently made honorable imprints during the past twelve years

Semiramis Corsi Silva: Brazilian authority on the Syrian emperor of Rome

"It’s necessary to find a political solution, not a war one," says Dr. Semiramis Corsi Silva to #SYRIAWISE

Dr. Salah Wanli: A lifetime proponent for a democratic Syria

Meet Dr. Wanli, a surgeon and former German MP of Syrian origin., who spent 47 years in estrangement as an expatriate away from his homeland

Safouh AL BARAZI: Lifelong activist for Syrian freedom

"The #Assad family is a gang that spreads terror and promotes terrorism in #Syria," says lifelong #Syria freedom activist #NasouhAlBarazi to #SYRIAWISE

Italy’s Francesca Scalinci: A beautiful voice for Syrians

#FrancescaScalinci has been following the events in #Syria since 2013, taking part in many campaigns in support of freedom for #Syrians.

Muhammad Najem: Syria’s teenage war reporter

"No matter how sweet the countries of exile are, our homeland remains the best refuge" says #MuhammadNajem to #SYRIAWISE

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