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Editorial | Unbiased reporting means independent financial resources

How many Syrian media platforms have their own financial resources that can keep them immune against any political or ideological control?

Opinion | Glimpses of the Syria saga: A view from Poland

"Syria in 2011, like Poland in 1980, wanted freedom and democracy. Every country pays a high price for freedom but the price of freedom in Syria is death..."

Opinion | Extremists in Syria: The boogeyman Assad needs

"Syrians before 2011 were proud of their flexible understanding of religious beliefs, and were not absorbed in the flame of sectarian conflicts."

Opinion | Dr. Assad and Mr. Hyde

Who is the other Dr. Assad, the real one, away from TV cameras and fabricated propaganda campaigns? Who is the principal perpetrator of crimes against humanity in the 21st century?

Opinion | As it is a moral compass, I will continue to write about Syria

As we approach the 11th anniversary of the start of the Arab Spring, which was triggered by the self-immolation of the late Mohamed Bouazizi in Tunisia, it has become important to reiterate and remind those who have forgotten or are trying to forget that it was not the result...

Opinion | When ‘Never Again’ becomes ‘Never Mind’

“Never Again" has become "Never Mind." These are the haunting words of Holocaust survivor Eva Mozes Kor (1934-2019) who along with her twin sister Miriam (1934-1993), was tortured and experimented on by the infamous Josef Mengele, Auschwitz’s “Angel of Death.” Eva is one of several Holocaust survivors who have...

Opinion | Syria: A lesson from Apartheid South Africa

South Africa recently witnessed the death of Apartheid’s last leader, former president FW de Klerk. A controversial figure, the late president de Klerk was lauded by some for bringing Apartheid to an end, unbanning the anti-Apartheid movement, the African National Congress, and setting its leader, Nelson Mandela, free after...

Opinion | Syrian refugees need not just shelter and food

There is never an easy way to talk about a war or a human crisis in any country of the world. Watching human lives at risk through the safety of our screen makes it look so unreal, and when that country is indeed far away and one does not...

Editorial | Why SYRIAWISE?

Why? It is hard to believe that in this era of modern technology, a time when news reports can literally be broadcast in real-time, the plight of the Syrian people since March 2011 has been unfairly told. With the rare exception of sporadic coverage, the sweeping majority of the world...

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