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Assad’s newest propaganda campaign: ‘Beauty’ and the Beast

"Asma's apparent elegance and delicacy is meant to make the world forget about tattooed thugs, arbitrary imprisonment, torture and savage bombings," writes Francesca Scalinci

Assad associate in the Vatican: Et tu, Franciscus!

"#PopeFrancis has failed to realize that the neutrality he believes he is exhibiting towards #Assad is not something to be proud of," writes Sophia Capalo

The injustice of prioritizing tragedies

An #opinion piece commenting on the recent debate on social media regarding the media attention for the explosion of #Titan at the expense of the drowning of #refugees

US Syria laws: No more than a waste of time

"The #US needs to thoroughly and seriously revisit its #Syria policy," writes Ariana Scorpoli

What if Assad wins his war on the Syrian people?

The #Hitler of the 21st century should not be allowed to resurface as the victor over millions of innocent #Syrians, writes Sam Aman

Any prospects for a solution in Syria?

No force alone has enough power to find and impose a solution in #Syria, not even the #USA, writes Mr. Firas Tlass

An Arab Summit to cover Syria’s sale to Iran

"Perpetrators need to be brought into courts of law, not into conferences and top-level meetings," writes Adwar Hachwa

The Syria I want

"I want a #Syria of citizenship and citizenship only, regardless of sizes and weights," writes Namroud Suleiman

Arabs normalizing relations with Assad: Narratives vs. reality

"#Assad's readmission into the #ArabLeague is viewed as a real betrayal by hundreds of thousands of his victims," writes Dr. Yahya Alaridi

Once upon a time, Bashar Assad told the truth

#BasharAssad once spoke the truth about the US real position regarding his #regime, writes Sophia Capalo

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