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Editorial | Assad celebrates another sham ‘Independence Day’

There will be no more #independence for #Syrians until #Assad regime finally falls, - #Syriawise #EditorialBoard

Assad’s no. 1 enemy: The White Helmets

"#Assad will keep attacking the #WhiteHelmets' #volunteers as lying is one of the basic pillars of his #regime," writes Sam Aman

Time as an Assad weapon for matters to get rotten or forgotten

"The #Assad regime is capitalizing on time hoping the outside world will get used to injustice and blood," writes Ariana Scorpoli

What 10 US and UK Syria activists have to say about the revolution

Long-time #activists from the #US and the #UK reflect on how they became involved in supporting the #Syrian #struggle for #freedom

Syrians have every possible reason to remain angry

"I urge #Syrians to remain angry like that #American #hostage and to continue their struggle against the #Assad regime," writes Dr. Yahya Alaridi

After Assad’s visit to Moscow, high time to act

"The call now is for some Syrians to come up with a different plan for the entire future of Syria," writes Firas Tlass

Editorial | Why should we NOT revolt?

The #revolution of the #Syrian people against #Assad is twelve years and counting

The tortoise: The ‘Godfather’ of U.S. Syria policy

American administrations keep looking at the tortoise as their guiding godfather in their handling of the Syrian crisis, writes George Tuma

A nuclear Iran is a threat to Arabs, not Israel

"[....] nothing is more dangerous for #Arabs than a #nuclear #Mullah," writes Sam Aman

Personal Narrative | Syria’s children dispersed to seven continents

This is the story of an "old neighbor, sitting in the public park of a European town to which I immigrated years ago," narrated by Magdalene Jarkas

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