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Issam al-Attar: A life of courage, resistance and advocacy

#IsamAlAttar passed away in #Aachen, #Germany on May 2, 2024, at the age of 97

Riad al-Turk: Syria’s oldest and most resilient opposition figure dies

#RiadAlTurk refused to leave #Syria until 2018 when the threat to his life became too serious to ignore

Mashaal Tammo: Kurdish leader who sought unity for all Syrians

#MashaalTammo, founder of the #KurdishFutureMovement and an icon of the Syrian revolution, was assassinated on Oct. 7, 2011

Michael Moore: A champion for Syrian refugees

#MichaelMoore set himself up as a champion for #refugees who had fled war-torn #Syria in the hope of finding a safer place for their children

Sirri Witti: Syrian refugee and earthquake survivor

This is an inspiring story of a young #Syrian earthquake survivor who remained for more than 40 hours under the rubble

Fadwa Suleiman: Actress turned an outspoken activist against Assad

Fadwa Suleiman was a Syrian actress turned an outspoken activist against dictator #Assad

Zaki Kordillo: A master of Shadow Theater still in the dark

The case of #ZakiKordillo, who was detained almost 11 years ago, is just one in 130,000 #ForciblyDisappeared cases in #Syria

Samira al-Khalil: A gentle rebel against tyranny and injustice

Today, the first annual #SamiraAlKhalil #Prize will be presented in #Paris on International Women’s Rights Day

Remembering Bassma Kodmani, a friend and colleague – Álvaro de Vasconcelos

"With her [#BassmaKodmani] passing, I lost a great friend with whom I had worked very hard for over 40 years," writes Álvaro de Vasconcelos

Tribute | Marie Colvin: Gone but not forgotten

Feb. 22, 2023 marked the 11th anniversary of the killing of courageous #American war #correspondent #MarieColvin by #Assad regime

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