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Obituary | Syrians mourn the mother of five generations

NouraHimish managed her time between raising children, working in farming, and delivering the babies of other women

Khalil Maatouk: More than a decade of forced disappearance

It has been more than 10 years now since the forced disappearance of one of #Syria's great human rights defenders #KhalilMaatouk

Tribute | Mai Skaf: ‘It is Great Syria, not Assad’s Syria’

Remembering #MaiSkaf, a beloved #Syrian actress and “icon of the revolution” against #Assad and his junta

Ragheed Al-Tatari: Syria’s longest-serving political prisoner

Nov. 24, 2022, marked the 41st anniversary of Al-Tatari's arrest making him the longest-serving political prisoner currently being held in #Assad’s prisons

In Memory Of | Abdul Qader Al-Saleh: The prince of Syria’s martyrs for freedom

On November 18, 2013, Abdul Qader Al-Saleh was only 33 years old when he left us, leaving behind a wife and five young children

IN MEMORY OF | James Foley: A voice for the Syrian people

#JamesFoley, one of the American heroes of the Syrian people, was killed 8 years ago.

Dr. Imtiaz Sooliman: A giving hand from South Africa to north Syria

Ar-Rahma Medical Complex was established in 2012 and this facility now serves 25000 patients on a monthly basis.

Syrians mourn the loss of TV reporter Shireen Abu Akleh

During 25 years, Ms. Abu Akleh inspired many young people to pursue their own careers in journalism with her courageous and diligent coverage

Salam Hamed: An artist in a bombed room ‘studio’

I chose this studio in the midst of this destruction to tell the world that our destroyed homes were once bustling with life, says Salam Hamed.

INTERVIEW | Cody Langford: Small-town hacktivist turned Syrian activist

"Though politically, the US will most likely not take any action to eliminate Assad or even Amjad Youssef," Cody Langford told SYRIAWISE.

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