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Chavia Ali: Making the world a better place for the disabled

Chavia is particularly focused lately on connecting Syrians, with or without disabilities, who now find themselves feeling disconnected

INTERVIEW | Bente Scheller: A renowned Syria expert

"If it [justice] is not possible inside Syria, and if there’s no international criminal court, we [Germany] will do it," says Scheller.

Sam Kadi: A film-maker’s journey from Aleppo to Los Angeles

"I am blessed to be a film-maker to tell the story of my native country to the world," says writer, producer and director Sam Kadi.

Akram Sweidan: Painter on death

This is a case when boxes of ammunition, rounds of bullets and Russian cluster bombs that fell on Syrians turn into a masterpiece that resists death.

A Syrian woman’s asylum journey to France

“Hold on, Douha. We will resist together the cancer of the body and the cancer of tyranny.”

Jawdat SAID: An ever advocate of non-violence

SAID passed away today in Istanbul, Turkey to which he fled in 2013 following the bombardment of his native village by the Assad regime army and the killing of his brother by a regime sniper.

A glimpse of just one man’s saga in north western Syria

There is no water in the camp. They cannot take showers, nor can they wash their hands after visiting the toilet.

Singing for freedom in German and Arabic

Unfortunately, Mazen was eliminated in Episode 13 which was aired on TV on November 18 but we hope his message will continue to spread around the world.

Obada Jbara: Reclaiming life through Parkour and Freerunning in Idlib

In Idlib, just like in Gaza and Kashmir, Parkour and Freerunning have become not only resistance tools but also means to affirm life in the midst of destruction, as well as the possibility to overcome apparently unconquerable obstacles. Meet Obada Jbara, the king of Idlib Parkour. Whenever we hear the...

Father Paolo: When absence means strong presence in hearts and minds

Father Paolo Dall’Oglio, an Italian Jesuit priest beloved by Syrians, disappeared in July 2013 while on a personal mission of mercy in Raqqa, Syria. In late 2011, the Assad regime had ordered Fr. Paolo’s expulsion for participating in demonstrations with the students of Raqqa and being a staunch supporter...

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