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Press | Syria: From a political earthquake to a natural one

The natural #earthquake that struck #Syria is an extension of a political earthquake that began in 1949, writes Khairallah in @asasmedialb

Press | Sanctions on Tehran’s mullahs ineffective

“All sanctions imposed on #Tehran's #mullahs so far are incomplete and ineffective,” writes @tariqalhomayed in @aawsat_eng

NGO | More than 1050 Syrian civilians killed in 2022 – SNHR

“1,057 civilians were killed, including 251 children, 94 women, and 133 victims who died due to torture," the SNHR 2022 report says

Film | The Swimmers: A Netflix production about the Mardini sisters

#TheSwimmers is definitely worth watching and has been well-received by viewers since it began airing on #Netflix in late November 2022

TV | Jordan battles influx of amphetamines from Syria – PBS NewsHour

At the top of the list of officials responsible for the trafficking operations is most likely Maher Assad, says a #PBS #NewsHour report

TV | Greece: Shadow army fighting refugees in the ‘cradle of democracy’

"No one is questioning what is happening, neither from 'liberal, democratic and humanitarian' #Europe nor from international organizations," writes Eva J. KOULOURIOTIS

For America to be secure, Assad must go

“#Assad is a dictator, a war criminal, and a murderer,” writes #DrTarekKteleh in #TheNationalInterest

Damascus less safe than Assad regime claims

“Western governments should not be fooled by Assad’s claim that the Syrian capital is safe for the country’s refugees, or anyone else,” concludes Dr. Haid

Assad is making Syria a narco-state

Public investigations have linked Syria’s Captagon industry to a "long list of regime-linked businessman, including members of the Assad family;"

What Russia did in Syria may predict what happens next in Ukraine

Notte cites the massacre of Bucha to say that this shows us that “Russia cares relatively little about being blamed by the international community."

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