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Agatha Christie’s Syria

"I love that gentle fertile country [Syria] and its simple people who know how to laugh and how to enjoy life," writes Agatha Christie.

A scene from Mustafa Khalifa’s The Shell

"My strength faded, my ability to scream left me; the pain became sharp as razor blades. I saw the whips rising high above me."

Syrian Love Day: Oldest celebration of love in history

For more than 6000 years, the Syrian Love Day has been yearly celebrated every April 11.

Culture | Syria’s Palmyra: The miracle kingdom

The name Palmyra appeared in the Babylonian manuscripts found in the Kingdom of Mari in eastern Syria. Its name means ‘the country of the resisters’ in the Amorite language, which is one of the dialects of the Aramaic language in which Palmyra means ‘the invincible country.’

Short Story | A dream in a nightmare

"The screams of revenge in his head urged him to leave, but something inside him started to wake up."

‘Theory of Sparrowtivity’: A short true story by Michel Kilo

My cell door was suddenly opened. It was almost 3 am. The police guard ordered me to come out and follow him. After about fifty paces, he opened another cell door, led me in, took my hand and dragged me behind him. He lifted the blindfold from my eyes...

What do ancient Syrians tell us about stargates and bioenergy?

What is it so special about Syria? History books tell us that when Alexander of Macedonia (aka Alexander the Great) entered Syria in 333 BC, he camped on the Syrian border of Antioch, drank the water of a nearby spring, and said: "The water of this spring reminds me...

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