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Homs: A hub of energy vortexes

Most anthropologists and archaeologists come to admire the Syrian civilization during their study of the world’s civilizations. Their admiration is not due to an unmerited obsession with Syrian civilization, but rather because it was in Syria that the first human civilization was introduced to other peoples a million years ago. Consequently, their achievements became the keys to understanding the emergence and development of those other civilizations that were to follow. 

Despite the development of more effective scientific research methods in excavating antiquities and the related study of human races, I also see a dearth of research that has dealt with the effect of stargates and their interaction with the esoteric consciousness that leads to the formation of perception since the beginning of the existence of humans on this planet.

There are multiple energy vortexes worldwide, and the feelings they evoke are genuine. This stuff is exciting and makes perfect sense once you have experienced the feelings of different places worldwide.

What is an energy vortex?

An energy vortex is a particular location on the Earth’s surface that acts as a swirling energy center, containing more earthly energy than any regular place. One common conviction concerning energy vortexes is that they exist at the crossing points of ley lines or the irregular lines of common vitality that make up the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

A vortex, or vortexes, are regions of concentrated vitality rising from the soil. Some say that vortexes are an entrance for ethereal and earthbound spirits. For some their belief is based on the run of sensations from slight shivering on bare skin to a vibration emanating from the ground that they have felt while experiencing a vortex. 

Most frequently, a vortex is felt by discernable sensations over the scruff of the neck and/or tingling in the fingers or toes. Numerous individuals accept that Sedona, a city located in the state of Arizona in the US, has a few vortexes or control spots making Sedona a profoundly sought-after otherworldly and mystical goal.

Where do energy vortexes exist?

Numerous energy vortexes exist and can be found anywhere around the globe, from the American Southwest to Mecca and the incredible pyramids of Egypt. Energy vortexes are still being discovered today but since there is currently no way of determining the capacity of these locations, either scientifically or mathematically, we must rely on the experiences of individuals concerning this matter.

What do energy vortexes do?

Ancient humans discovered many vortexes. Energy vortexes are believed to have powerful inspirational and spiritual properties or be highly conducive to consciousness activities. They evoke a unique feeling of peace and sudden vitality that brings a balance of tranquility and relaxation. In addition, some vortexes are believed to advance individual reflection, profound understanding, and a clear intellect. Others appear to act as capable centers of physical healing or enthusiastic revival.

Indeed, Ley Lines are accepted to have vitality centrality; therefore, they might be traceable by connecting ancient or sacred sites. Here I will give an example of one famous energy vortex in Homs, my birth city in Syria.

Homs and energy vortexes

The history of Homs goes back to the first Millennium BC. It contains almost five thousand archeological sites in its lap that belong to thirty-three successive civilizations. The success of the civilizations that emerged and thrived in this locale was due at least in part to the generosity and inclusive nature of the majority of its members who embraced the wide variety of characteristics and differing qualities exhibited among the members of their societies.

The oldest communal housing was the ancient Citadel which originated in the city of Homs. It was one of the ancient Canaanite cities during the Akkadian era (2371-2161 BC). This city had a circular shape bordered by mud-brick walls. 

Homs was also one of the cities that arose during the Hellenistic era (323-146 BC). This period in the history of Homs could be considered a global triumph that would be almost legendary had historians documented it accurately.

George Tuma
George Tuma
George Tuma is the publisher and chief editor of Medical & Cosmetic Arts Magazine; specialist in Spirituality, Health, and Healing; an Instructor of Electro Cosmetic, Therapy and a Practioner of Holistic Medicine, (Complementary and Alternative). He has published several articles in scientific journals.


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