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Editorial | Is Syria Independence Day anniversary a cause for celebration?

Syria’s freedom seekers are still determined to persevere even though their homeland lies in ruins. This year’s anniversary of the French evacuation from Syria passes in silence and indifference, especially for the young generation who have grown up deprived of independence, freedom of expression, and basic human rights under the brutal oppression of the Assads.

On the 76th anniversary of Independence Day, Syrians are still waiting for their country to be free again since its independence gained in 1946 was forfeited by Bashar Assad when he invited foreign occupiers into Syria to kill the Syrian people so that he could remain in power.

Syrian National Day has lost its importance and significance after decades of the Assads’ tyranny and there must be freedom from all who support their brutal reign of oppression before the country can truly celebrate Syria Independence Day again.

Even though those still living in Syria are forced to participate in the regime’s farcical national celebrations, we know that Syria has multiple occupiers and that there will be no more independence for Syrians until the fall of the Assad regime and the last of the Russian, Iranian and Hezbollah soldiers in Damascus depart from Syrian soil.


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