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Happy All Mothers’ Day

A Syrian mother cooking for her children in an IDP camp in northwest Syria; Photo Credit: Fared Al Mahloul

March 21, 2022 marks one more Mother’s Day in the oppressive shadow of the Assad regime’s brutality. Let us honor Syrian women everywhere for their strength and selfless efforts to care for their families in the most difficult of circumstances.

At the beginning of the Syrian revolution, we watched the mothers of Syria grieving for their children who were being deliberately targeted by Assad’s snipers. 

Today the world is just as troubled as we watch what is happening in Ukraine, and wonder what it is that compels some leaders to kill our children rather than protect them. 

But through it all, the mothers of those who are the future carry on because that’s what mothers do.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers everywhere, especially those who are sacrificing and struggling to care for their families in these troubled times.


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