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Joint declaration of three Syrian regions

For the aim of reviving the “Syrian national democratic project” through joint action, resuming the movement that started in March 2011, representatives of three Syrian regions (northern countryside of Aleppo, Daraa AL-Balad in the south, Asswaida’s Al-Qurayya in the eastern south) issued a joint declaration today that has symbolism, national consensus and importance for Syrians. The document has a historical connotation as it was announced on the anniversary of the independence of Syria on March 8, 1920. The importance of this document stems from its principles that call for the unity of Syrians, nationalization of politics, and non-dependence on non-Syrians, among others. The bodies that issued this declaration call upon all Syrians, inside and outside, to support this document. Here is the full text:

Joint Declaration

In a joint Syrian way filled with hope, as we remember the “Declaration of Syrian Independence,” announced on this day in 1920, we have chosen the best way of commemoration. We aim to revive the Syrian national democratic project through joint action, resuming the movement that started in March 2011. On this significant day, individuals hailing from three different regions have come together to present a collaborative document to their fellow countrymen of Syria. The three regions collaborate on this document for Syria’s people, aiming for widespread approval and paving the way for a new national policy.

  1. Nationalisation of politics

Syrians are the owners of the Syrian issue. Politics in Syria is a public matter and should not be privatised by one group or another. We demand an immediate end to the transfer of Syrian public decision-making to any external forces. It is an act of confiscation of the Syrians’ right to self-determination and a blatant violation of their sovereignty. We will not stand idly by while the corrupt ruling regime in Damascus or any other entity seeks to undermine the Syrians’ will. The Syrian people must be free to decide their future without any interference from foreign states, militias, or partisan or sectarian groups.

The first slogan of the revolution, “Syria is ours and not for the Assad family,” should be translated into political behaviour and discourse that guarantees Syrians’ right to have a say in public policy. This is both a duty and a right for all the country’s people, as they are the ones who made the revolution and are the true owners of their country.

Enabling the Syrians to nationalise their national decisions is a lofty goal. Our resolve will not weaken, nor will our will weaken, until we achieve it.

Our sovereignty in our homeland is our decision to gain freedom and dignity; it is the basis of our unity as one people, the basis for solving our problems, and the basis for preserving our children’s lives and futures.

2. Life, freedom, security, and dignity are national rights.

The struggle in Syria is a battle between the forces of freedom and dignity on one side and oppression and humiliation on the other. It is a fight between those who yearn for life and liberty, embodied by the people and those who comprehend only brutality, torture, and the negation of fundamental rights embodied by the ruling “regime”. We firmly believe that life, freedom, security, and dignity are absolute rights for all Syrians and are central to Syrian political thinking. We vehemently oppose any action or speech that promotes hatred or advocates for the surrender of freedoms and dignity in exchange for stability.

3. Rejection of local isolation: Syrian unity

The Syrian state is meant for all its people, regardless of religion, sect, ethnicity, political affiliation, or ideological leanings. It should not favour one group over others but rather embrace every member of society equally. In essence, it is a state that belongs to all Syrians, without exception.

The homeland does not have an Assabiyya temper, and Syria cannot be the sum of locally isolated groups. We declare that seeking to divide Syria is an illegal act, whatever its pretexts, and must be opposed by all possible means.

4. Coordination, dialogue, and joint action

Humanity takes precedence over fanaticism and partisanship. It cannot be taken or given. Therefore, ordinary people should resolve their conflicts through dialogue rather than violence. This ordinary human personifies our freedom, encapsulates our dignity, and represents the foundation of our national political identity.

The “Tansiqqia” was the first formation of the revolution. It allowed us to express our national truth and prevent monopolisation by promoting coordination and communication among Syrians. Let us call upon all Syrians today to work together again and form trustworthy networks beyond regional and sectarian differences. It is of utmost importance that they take ownership of their affairs, guided by democratic principles that uphold the equality of all Syrians. We can rebuild our homeland only by working together in a collaborative and concerted effort.

5. Our unity in our multitudinous: building trust.

Trust is an essential tool for politics that helps to build our national community and strengthen our social capital. It promotes “unity in multitude”, which respects and celebrates our varied beliefs and actions. It also helps to pave the way for a transition to democratic thinking and behavior. On this national anniversary, we encourage Syrians to prioritise trust in their political interactions and discussions.

We, the people of these three regions, still carry the revolutionary spirit and memories of our collective pain, progress, and setbacks. Therefore, we declare that we are working together based on these principles to create a new way of thinking about our country’s future. We aim to foster national political cooperation by initiating cross-ideological dialogues that result in an accurate representation of Syrians’ aspirations, sacrifices, and pain. We invite all Syrians, regardless of where they are from, to join us in achieving this noble goal.

The northern countryside of Aleppo: holders of the embers of revolution

Daraa AL-Balad: (cradle of the freedom revolution 2011, Daraa)

Al-Qurayya (cradle of the Great Syrian Revolution in 1925, Asswaida)


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