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Old but gold: An elderly sitting on the balcony of his bombed home in Homs

On May 1, 2012 a two-minute video of an elderly man sitting on the balcony of his bombed home in Homs, Syria was posted on YouTube.

Credit: YouTube

The man was Abu William Kaddoura, a Christian who steadfastly refused to leave his neighborhood that had been destroyed by the Syrian Army under orders of Bashar Assad.

He credited the young men of the revolution for helping him to survive.

“They are good people. Much too good in fact! They are getting me food and water. But I am painfully shy. I shy away from asking them for anything – haraam (it’s a pity). I don’t know what to say, haraam. Today, they got me bread. They got me food. They’re good people. Much too good in fact!”

Abu William had invested his life’s savings into his home and was determined to remain in it until he died.

But not long after the video was posted on YouTube, the Assad regime arrested him and forcibly removed him from the home that they had maliciously destroyed.

Since then the video has also disappeared but the destruction in Homs remains.


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