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Assad’s unwritten ‘law’: All for one, or one trumps all

"The #Assad regime cannot continue without them [thugs] as it cannot survive without terrorizing #Syrians," writes Lina Karaso

Opinion | Revisiting the issue of Syrian detainees in Assad prisons

"In Assad’s prisons, unfortunately... there are only about 20,000 detainees, no more, and the rest were gotten rid of," writes Firas TLASS.

Opinion | Al-Tadamun Massacre: High time for Assad to go

"What is more shocking is not what we have already seen. It is what we have not seen, but has been committed in reality," writes Celine KASEM.

Al-Tadamun Massacre: Just one in thousands and counting

Massacres such as this did not start with the beginning of the Syrian revolution 11 years ago, nor did they end with this one.

Al-Tadamun massacre mural

This mural came In response to the horrifying Guardian video published on April 27, 2022 of Al-Tadamun massacre.

‘Keep the dogs away from the bodies’: Syrian doctor unveils an untold massacre

July 18, 2012, Athens It was a quiet summer day and, as usual in Greece, the first thing we think about is drinking cold coffee...

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