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Friday, September 29, 2023



Analysis| Meloni’s government in Italy: What prospects for Syria?

"... it is difficult to predict what will be #Italy's new government stand towards #Syria and the #Assad regime," writes #FrancescaScalinci

Analysis | Though an Iranian puppet, Assad strongly needed in Israel

Assad’s escape and impunity for perpetrating the chemical massacre in Eastern Ghouta in August 2013 was an indication of Israel’s unwillingness to topple the regime in Syria

Analysis | Of a Putin feather, Assad and Lukashenko flock together

Assad received quite legitimate accusations: exploiting migrants to put Europe in the corner and accelerate the rehabilitation of his regime.

Analysis | Why won’t the U.S. help in Syria?

Syria, an Arab country in the Middle East, has been engaged in what appears to be an endless war since March of 2011. Triggered...

Born in exile: Syrians at risk of statelessness

To be stateless is not to be recognized as a national by any state. This happens due to gaps in nationality laws and states’...

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