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Aleppo’s Ain Jalout School Massacre nine years ago

On April 30, 2014, #Assad regime military attacked a #school in #Aleppo killing more than 25 #civilians, mostly #children

Assad’s unwritten ‘law’: All for one, or one trumps all

"The #Assad regime cannot continue without them [thugs] as it cannot survive without terrorizing #Syrians," writes Lina Karaso

Al-Haswiya massacre: Trauma continues to haunt survivors

The names of more than 100 #Syrian civilians, including women and children were documented as being victims on that day in #Homs' #AlHaswiya

Syrian ‘gravedigger’ testifies before the US Congress 

Three trailer trucks would arrive loaded with between 300 and 600 bodies of victims of torture, shelling and slaughter, says the Gravedigger.

Opinion | Another scene from the never-ending cycle of Assad savagery

"The only way that Syria will find wholeness as a nation, and healing for its collective pain, is for Assad to be held accountable," writes Ruthanne Sikora.

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