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The abysmal failure of the Assad regime

"The voice coming from #Sweida since August is just another translation of the root of the #Syrian confrontation with the #Assad junta," writes #DrYahyaAlaridi

Alaridi on Sweida revolt: ‘The Syrian revolution is back on track’

#DrYahyaAlaridi speaks to #Syriawise on the current revolt currently taking place in #Syria's #Sweida against the #Assad regime

How far will Assad be allowed to go?

"[...] the possibility exists to give humanity an opportunity to purify itself from shame and disgrace by neutralizing #Assad's criminality," writes Abdulrahman Rabboa

Will Syria’s economic collapse lead to the demise of the Assad regime?

"Economic failures exert only slight pressure on rulers who have no regard for the welfare of the people," writes Dr. Osama Kadi

Syrian revolution reignition: A phoenix never dies

#Syrians in #Syria and around the world continue to confirm their opposition to the brutal #Assad regime

Syria vs. Assad – Ali Ferzat

#Caricature | #Syria vs. #Assad - #AliFerzat

Victims still cry for justice 10 years after the Ghouta massacre

It has been 10 years since the #ChemicalMassacre in #Syria's #Ghouta, and the perpetrators have never been held accountable for their #HeinousCrimes

Syria’s Mugabe rides the Astana train to Zimbabwe

"[...] the price of a loaf of bread reached 250 billion #Zimbabwean dollars in 2017 while #RobertMugabe was fighting 'imperialism'", writes Dr. Osama Kadi

Once again Assad speaks and the sky comes crashing down

Contrary to well-known facts and mountains of evidence, #Assad continues to deny any responsibility for the events that have unfolded in #Syria, writes Ruthanne Sikora

Normalization with Assad proves to be an epic fail

In the coming days, #Syrians will be watching closely to see what the countries that have made steps toward normalization with #Assad will decide to do now

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