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Assad and the Arab world – Ali Ferzat

#Caricature | #Assad and the #Arab world - #AliFerzat

Syria’s Moadamiyah: The hope of then, the despair of now

Under the #Assad regime’s control, #Syria's #Moadamiyah has devolved into a thriving outlet for the manufacture and distribution of drugs such as #Captagon

The Captagonian Assad

#Caricature | The Captagonian #Assad - Ali Ferzat

TV | Jordan battles influx of amphetamines from Syria – PBS NewsHour

At the top of the list of officials responsible for the trafficking operations is most likely Maher Assad, says a #PBS #NewsHour report

NEWS REPORT | Syria under Assad: The Captagon capital of the world

On September 20, 2022, the #US #HouseOfRepresentatives approved the passage of H.R.6265 also known as the #CaptagonAct

Opinion | Captagon: Survival tactic for the Assad family

"Syria is the new template for Middle Eastern states; it is the first narco-state in the Middle East, but it may not be the last," writes Lara Nour.

Assad: Godfather of captagon trafficking in the Middle East

“The Syrian despot can in any case boast of having transformed his country into the first narco-state worthy of the name in the Middle East.”

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