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Opinion | Syrians angered by Jackie Chan’s exploitation of their pain

"For #JackieChan to choose to film in an area where so many #Syrians have suffered is an exploitation of their pain," writes Ruthanne Sikora

Damascus less safe than Assad regime claims

“Western governments should not be fooled by Assad’s claim that the Syrian capital is safe for the country’s refugees, or anyone else,” concludes Dr. Haid

Heavy Iranian presence in Damascus

Heavy Iranian presence in Damascus

Al-Tadamun massacre mural

This mural came In response to the horrifying Guardian video published on April 27, 2022 of Al-Tadamun massacre.

The Coin: A poem narrating a Syrian true story

"Why here? Why now? The old man said; It’s a dangerous time; You could end up dead."

‘Keep the dogs away from the bodies’: Syrian doctor unveils an untold massacre

July 18, 2012, Athens It was a quiet summer day and, as usual in Greece, the first thing we think about is drinking cold coffee...

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