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Sirri Witti: Syrian refugee and earthquake survivor

This is an inspiring story of a young #Syrian earthquake survivor who remained for more than 40 hours under the rubble

Assad is taking advantage of the earthquake in Syria

"The #earthquake tells the world that in #Syria the conflict continues and that the it should not remain away from the news flow," writes @ruslantrad

UN aid to the wrong side

#Caricature | #UN aid to the wrong side - Ali Ferzat

Press | Syria: From a political earthquake to a natural one

The natural #earthquake that struck #Syria is an extension of a political earthquake that began in 1949, writes Khairallah in @asasmedialb

Analysis | Weaponizing humanitarian aid: An old Assad tactic

"[...] it is vital for us to spread correct information so that #aid #donors can choose wisely," writes Francesca Scalinci

International ‘aid’ to NW Syria after the earthquake

#Caricature | #International to NW #Syria after the #earthquake - #AhmadRahma

Still searching through the rubble

#Photo | Still searching through earthquake rubble

Sincere condolences to all affected by Turkey-Syria earthquake

Sincere condolences to #Syrians and the #Turks

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