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Analysis | Türkiye’s normalization with Assad: Gains and losses

"[...] the step of normalization with #Assad will deprive #Ankara of the importance of its role in the #Syrian file," writes Eva Koulouriotis

Türkiye’s rapprochement with Assad: A leap into the void

"Neither #Türkiye nor any of the regime's protectors are capable of rehabilitating it," writes Dr. Yahya Alaridi

Opinion | Will a ‘West Germany’ scenario help in Syria?

"The scenario of a #Syrian West Germany will be a form of unifying #Syria in two stages on the #German way," writes Dr. Osama Kadi

Opinion | Will Erdogan and Assad be friends again?

"Will the restoration of relations between #Ankara and #Assad be the beginning of the end of the revolution?" Eva J. Koulouriotis asks

Bakir Atajan: Turkish advocate for oppressed Syrians

"#Turkey will remain on the side of the oppressed #Syrians who were crushed by the #Assad regime," says #BakirAtajan to #SYRIAWISE

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