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Landmark war crimes trial for 3 top Syrian officials in Paris

A #Paris Criminal Court began a trial in absentia of three high-ranking #Syrian officials, Ali Mamlouk, Jamil Hasan and Abdel Salam Mahmoud

Omar Abou Nabout: Like father, like son

Meet #OmarAbouNabout, a son seeking justice for his father, #SalahAbouNabout, and ultimately every #Syrian who got killed in any of the #Assad regime #crimes

A letter to Macron on possible rapprochement with Assad

Please, "do not take any action that could potentially harm the #Syrian people seeking #freedom," writes Dr. Charles Malek to @EmmanuelMacron

LETTER TO THE EDITOR | From a Syrian mother’s heart

"Do you know that longing is a prison, nostalgia is an arrest, and waiting is a single cell?"

A Syrian woman’s asylum journey to France

“Hold on, Douha. We will resist together the cancer of the body and the cancer of tyranny.”

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