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Germany’s Dortmund extends a helping hand to northern Syria

The #Dortmund City Council decided to provide comprehensive support in the form of #aid #shipments to #earthquake-affected areas in NW #Syria

Another Assad war criminal successfully prosecuted in Germany

Mouwafak Al. D. was found guilty of #war #crimes and crimes against humanity in #Syria in 2014

Dr. Salah Wanli: A lifetime proponent for a democratic Syria

Meet Dr. Wanli, a surgeon and former German MP of Syrian origin., who spent 47 years in estrangement as an expatriate away from his homeland

INTERVIEW | Bente Scheller: A renowned Syria expert

"If it [justice] is not possible inside Syria, and if there’s no international criminal court, we [Germany] will do it," says Scheller.

Singing for freedom in German and Arabic

Unfortunately, Mazen was eliminated in Episode 13 which was aired on TV on November 18 but we hope his message will continue to spread around the world.

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