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Jabal al-Zawiya: One of Bashar Assad’s first large-scale massacres

Not one single person has been held accountable for the unspeakably heinous crime committed against the defenseless people in Jabal al-Zawiya 11 years ago

Opinion | Trauma runs deep among Syrian survivors

"The unseen wounds of PTSD and other emotional scars [...] will require increasing support and heightened awareness," writes Blanche MICHAEL.

The Syrian version of a Cinderella shoe

"The father of one of them could only recognize his son by the shoe," said on his Twitter account Mark Cutts, the U.N. deputy regional humanitarian coordinator for Syria.

One person’s poison is another’s food

Malik is arranging mortar shells his family members found and dismantled before selling their iron.

Report | The school up the hill

There are only three unheated classrooms with makeshift blackboards and crude seats for the children.

Report | Misery reigns in Al Jameaya Camp in Idlib countryside

A number of the camp’s residents were previously detained by the Assad regime and then released after being tortured and severely traumatized.

A glimpse of just one man’s saga in north western Syria

There is no water in the camp. They cannot take showers, nor can they wash their hands after visiting the toilet.

Obada Jbara: Reclaiming life through Parkour and Freerunning in Idlib

In Idlib, just like in Gaza and Kashmir, Parkour and Freerunning have become not only resistance tools but also means to affirm life in...

‘Every day is a nightmare’: A personal narrative of life in Syria’s Idlib

Ibrahim is an elegant middle-aged man, whose tenderness, which no murderous dictator can destroy, is reflected in his eyes and gives resonance to his...

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