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Will Israel change its position on Assad after Oct. 7?

#DrKamalAlLabwani writes about whether #Isarel will continue to deal with the #Assad regime just as it has done till Oct. 7, 2023

Is Bashar Assad a criminal?

Former #Syrian judge #HussenHammadeh presents his arguments on why #Syria's #Assad is a full-fledged criminal from a legal perspective

Politics on the pitch: Controversy surrounding Syria’s national soccer team

"#Sports in #Syria under the #Assad regime have never been far from the political arena," writes Yasser ASHKAR

Assad’s sport squad: A whitewashing scheme

"#Assad regime security apparatus extends into all sections of public and private life in #Syria, and #sports are no exception," writes #WalidTamtam

Assad’s predicament in the wake of war on Gaza

"#Assad may accept the division of #Syria, but not the return of #Syrians as partners in determining their fate," writes #DrYahyaAlaridi

‘Cherchez la’ Iran in the hell of the Middle East

#FrancescaScalinci writes about the latest developments in #Syria and #Gaza and the role of #Iran and its allies and that of the #US

Opinion | Just like Ukrainians, Syrians are also victims of Putin

"Syrians must make it clear to the world that they were, and still are, the long-suffering victims of Putin's crimes," writes Dr. Yahya Alaridi.

Opinion | Syria and Ukraine: Two sides of a Putin coin

"Are we complacent enough to sit back and let Putin succeed in his mission to become the next dominant world power?"

Opinion | Media war against Syria’s White Helmets

The White Helmets' first responders possess evidence of war crimes committed by the Assad regime and Russia against civilians in Syria as most of their responses are documented through cameras mounted on helmets, writes Raed al-Saleh.

Opinion | Glimpses of the Syria saga: A view from Poland

"Syria in 2011, like Poland in 1980, wanted freedom and democracy. Every country pays a high price for freedom but the price of freedom in Syria is death..."

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