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‘Cherchez la’ Iran in the hell of the Middle East

#FrancescaScalinci writes about the latest developments in #Syria and #Gaza and the role of #Iran and its allies and that of the #US

Opinion | From Syria’s White Helmets to Ukrainian people

"Just like Syrians, Ukrainians are facing the most ferocious criminal killing-machine that exists in the world today," writes Raed al-Saleh.

Editorial | What if Assad stays in power?

If Assad remains, he can only offer Syrians more insecurity, corruption, brutality, ignorance, illnesses, killing and destruction.

Solidarity with Ukraine in Syria’s Idlib

This is a reminder to the world that what is taking place now in Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities is not a new thing.

‘Every day is a nightmare’: A personal narrative of life in Syria’s Idlib

Ibrahim is an elegant middle-aged man, whose tenderness, which no murderous dictator can destroy, is reflected in his eyes and gives resonance to his...

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