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Syrian artist Abu Subhi al-Tinawi

#AbuSubhiAlTinawi was the first #Arab #artist whose work was displayed along with #Picasso's #paintings

Nada Odeh: Syrian artist and curator

"#Syria has been going through tyranny for a very long time," says #artist and #curator #NadaOdeh in an #interview with #Syriawise

Zaki Kordillo: A master of Shadow Theater still in the dark

The case of #ZakiKordillo, who was detained almost 11 years ago, is just one in 130,000 #ForciblyDisappeared cases in #Syria

Tribute | Mai Skaf: ‘It is Great Syria, not Assad’s Syria’

Remembering #MaiSkaf, a beloved #Syrian actress and “icon of the revolution” against #Assad and his junta

Salam Hamed: An artist in a bombed room ‘studio’

I chose this studio in the midst of this destruction to tell the world that our destroyed homes were once bustling with life, says Salam Hamed.

Abdulmueen Abdulmajeed: TV presenter with an environment and art message

"I decided to leave Syria in order to be able to do something for Syrians now living outside of the country," Abdulmueen Abdulmajeed told SYRIAWISE.

Sam Kadi: A film-maker’s journey from Aleppo to Los Angeles

"I am blessed to be a film-maker to tell the story of my native country to the world," says writer, producer and director Sam Kadi.

Report | ‘For Syria’ conference: Celebrating culture and civil society in Washington, DC

The event was both an exuberant celebration of Syrian culture, and an opportunity to collaborate on plans for supporting civil society in Syria.

Samih Choukeir: The very first voice of the Syrian Revolution

"I don't hesitate to exhaust all efforts in working with all Syrians to restore Syria as a state of citizenship and democracy."

Akram Sweidan: Painter on death

This is a case when boxes of ammunition, rounds of bullets and Russian cluster bombs that fell on Syrians turn into a masterpiece that resists death.

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