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Iran brainwashing Syrian children’s minds

Caricature | Iran brainwashing Syrian children's minds - Ali Ferzat

Quadruplets in an IDP tent northwest Syria

Quadruplets born in an IDP tent northwest Syria

Death by torture of Hamza was a turning point in Syrian history

Hamza’s body was one of several that were deliberately returned to their families as a warning to all who opposed Assad

Opinion | Trauma runs deep among Syrian survivors

"The unseen wounds of PTSD and other emotional scars [...] will require increasing support and heightened awareness," writes Blanche MICHAEL.

Even in wretched camps, children love playing

This photo pictures an aspect of life in the camps in the northwestern part of Syria.

Very young but tired hands

He is just one example of millions of Syrian children who lost everything, with no hope for a better future.

Nine years so far with no info about their fate

At the time of their arrest, the children were 14, 13, 11, 8, 6 and 2 years old. Until today, no one knows their fate.

One person’s poison is another’s food

Malik is arranging mortar shells his family members found and dismantled before selling their iron.

Report | The school up the hill

There are only three unheated classrooms with makeshift blackboards and crude seats for the children.

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