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Bedouins burying their dead unearthed the story of a civilization

The ancient city of #Mari, today's Tell al-Hariri, is located on the right bank of the #Syrian Middle #Euphrates basin

Syrian artist Abu Subhi al-Tinawi

#AbuSubhiAlTinawi was the first #Arab #artist whose work was displayed along with #Picasso's #paintings

Saeed Tahsin: A Syrian self-trained artist

Born in #Syria's #Damascus in 1904, Saeed Tahsin left behind a magnificent legacy of historically significant #artwork

The role of Folklore in the Syrian cultural identity

"#Syrians need to preserve their #cultural #heritage to the point of considering it a sacred trust handed down by their ancestors, writes Dr. George Tuma

Ugaritic: One of the world’s first alphabets originated in Syria

#Ugaritic alphabet appeared in the city of #Ugarit (currently known as #RasShamra and #RasIbnHani) on the northern coast of #Syria

Orontes River: Syrian civilization in a watercolor portrait

The #Orontes inspired artists over the centuries and presented humanity with magnificent mosaics indicative of the extent of wealth

The Syrian Miraculous Man of God

Do you know who the Syrian Miraculous Man of God is?

Saad Fansa: A Syrian writer, photographer and excavator

"I could NOT accept the killing of innocent people and demonstrators demanding [...] a better life," says #SaadFansa to #SYRIAWISE

Apamea and Salamiyah: A legendary love story

"It is a story about a Syrian Princess’ love for her city, and a Syrian Prince’s noble and legendary love for her."

Syrian Love Day: Oldest celebration of love in history

For more than 6000 years, the Syrian Love Day has been yearly celebrated every April 11.

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