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Syria on the brink of another bleak new year

As the year 2023 draws to a close, the economic woes in #Syria persist, casting a shadow of uncertainty over the #NewYear

Analysis | ‘Reconstruction in Syria’ and the ‘Astana-Sochi’ track do not converge

"[...] the Astana-Sochi process will likely lead to the destruction of what remains of the #Syrian economy," writes Dr. Osama Kadi

Will Syria’s economic collapse lead to the demise of the Assad regime?

"Economic failures exert only slight pressure on rulers who have no regard for the welfare of the people," writes Dr. Osama Kadi

Syria’s Mugabe rides the Astana train to Zimbabwe

"[...] the price of a loaf of bread reached 250 billion #Zimbabwean dollars in 2017 while #RobertMugabe was fighting 'imperialism'", writes Dr. Osama Kadi

Syria into 2023: Out of the frying pan into the fire

The #Assad regime wants to rule #Syria forever. It will not seek a solution and as a matter of fact, it cannot come up with one

Assad starves Syrians to bring them to their knees

The economy has never ever been worse than it is these days with the #Syrian Pound hitting an unprecedented low

Opinion | Assadists have to go for Syria to be free of corruption

"[...] fighting corruption will work only after eradicating the scourge of #Assadists and their cancerous roots in the #Syrian state," writes Dr; Jamal TAHHAN

Hunger rules Syria – Ali Ferzat

#Caricature | #Hunger rules #Syria - #AliFerzat

Opinion | Syria under Assad: From bad to worse

"There are no solutions for Syria's problems and what makes everyone patient is not hope but fear," writes Firas TLASS.

Malnutrition and hunger strike Syria’s IDP camps

"... in 2022-2023 about 5.5 million people including mothers and children aged 0-59 months in Syria will need direct nutrition assistance."

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