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Very young but tired hands

He is just one example of millions of Syrian children who lost everything, with no hope for a better future.

Happy All Mothers’ Day

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers everywhere, especially those who are sacrificing and struggling to care for their families in these troubled times.

A hug-house

He closes his eyes with sorrow, hoping that his granddaughter will not grow up alone in the face of the unknown...

Where there is a woman in a tent, there is beauty

Inside this tent, there is a displaced Syrian woman, a sewing machine and some pieces of art.

One person’s poison is another’s food

Malik is arranging mortar shells his family members found and dismantled before selling their iron.

Life inside an IDP camp tent

This is how life looks like inside a camp tent for internally displaced people in Syria. Mud, water, pillows, covers and people are next to each other.

‘You are most welcome to our tent’

A tent in a camp for internally displaced Syrians in the north western part of their country close to the border with neighboring Turkey.

Report | Misery reigns in Al Jameaya Camp in Idlib countryside

A number of the camp’s residents were previously detained by the Assad regime and then released after being tortured and severely traumatized.

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