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Assad: Godfather of 21st century human trafficking

Any talk about the possibility of coordinating with #Assad in the immigration file is madness, writes Eva J. Koulouriotis

Syrians and their everlasting longing for home

"[...] many #Syrians abroad still yearn for their homeland, whether that longing is a source of pain or hope, or both together," writes Mohamed Berro

Four Syrians walk 160 km in the 105th Vierdaagse in the Netherlands

#Syrian participants wanted to tell the world about the #atrocities that have been committed by the #Assad regime and its #supporters

Michael Moore: A champion for Syrian refugees

#MichaelMoore set himself up as a champion for #refugees who had fled war-torn #Syria in the hope of finding a safer place for their children

The injustice of prioritizing tragedies

An #opinion piece commenting on the recent debate on social media regarding the media attention for the explosion of #Titan at the expense of the drowning of #refugees

Sirri Witti: Syrian refugee and earthquake survivor

This is an inspiring story of a young #Syrian earthquake survivor who remained for more than 40 hours under the rubble

Can AANES implement its initiative to host Syrian refugees?

With every day of delay, the fate of dozens of #Syrian #refugees in #Lebanon is at stake, writes Abdulrahman Rabboa

Press | Bankrupt Lebanon blames Syrian refugees

Dalal Albazri in The New Arab writes about how #Syrian #refugees in #Lebanon are blamed for the country’s economic collapse

Time hangs heavy on Syrians in Türkiye ahead of elections

#Syrians are now living their worst days in #Türkiye since the beginning of their arrival as "guests" in 2011

Artists4Syria: Online art exhibition to support earthquake victims

On March 5, 2023, a group of these artists conducted an #online #exhibition of their work titled #Artists4Syria

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