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Time hangs heavy on Syrians in Türkiye ahead of elections

#Syrians are now living their worst days in #Türkiye since the beginning of their arrival as "guests" in 2011

Artists4Syria: Online art exhibition to support earthquake victims

On March 5, 2023, a group of these artists conducted an #online #exhibition of their work titled #Artists4Syria

Personal Narrative | Syria’s children dispersed to seven continents

This is the story of an "old neighbor, sitting in the public park of a European town to which I immigrated years ago," narrated by Magdalene Jarkas

After the quake, Syrians in Türkiye facing more challenges

Some #Syrians in #Türkiye prefer to go back to #Syria for now in the hope the situation would be a little better there

‘Happy New Year’ – Ali Ferzat

Caricature | 'Happy New Year' - Ali Ferzat

Syria into 2023: Out of the frying pan into the fire

The #Assad regime wants to rule #Syria forever. It will not seek a solution and as a matter of fact, it cannot come up with one

Film | The Swimmers: A Netflix production about the Mardini sisters

#TheSwimmers is definitely worth watching and has been well-received by viewers since it began airing on #Netflix in late November 2022

Children in a Syrian camp

#Photo | #Children in a #Syrian camp

An IDP tent north west Syria

#Photo | An #IDP tent north west #Syria

Life in a Syrian IDPs camp

#Photo | Life in a #Syrian #IDPs camp

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