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Editorial | The Syrian Revolution 13 years on: From protest to persistence

"[...] the fall of #Assad regime is inevitable as long as the #Syrian dream of freedom and justice remains alive." -- #SYRIAWISE #Editorial

Thirteen years of struggle: The West should not forget about Syrians

So far for Syrians, it has been 13 years of struggle, 13 years of torture, 13 years of disappearances, 13 years of rape, 13...

The 2024 Annual For Syria Conference held in Washington DC

An exceptionally well-organized event coordinated by the #AmericanCoalitionForSyria (#ACS) that included prearranged visits to #CapitolHill

Joint declaration of three Syrian regions

On the occasion of the "Declaration of #SyrianIndependence," announced on March 8, 1920, this joint declaration was declared today

What 10 US and UK Syria activists have to say about the revolution

Long-time #activists from the #US and the #UK reflect on how they became involved in supporting the #Syrian #struggle for #freedom

Editorial | Why should we NOT revolt?

The #revolution of the #Syrian people against #Assad is twelve years and counting

Syrians’ revolt against Assad: Twelve and counting

#Caricature | #Syrians' #revolt against #Assad: Twelve years and counting - Ammar Agha Alkala

Opinion | Syrian revolution as a renaissance movement

"#Syrians continue to believe that the restoration of freedom and dignity must be achieved at all costs," writes Dr. George Tuma

Dr. Salah Wanli: A lifetime proponent for a democratic Syria

Meet Dr. Wanli, a surgeon and former German MP of Syrian origin., who spent 47 years in estrangement as an expatriate away from his homeland

News Report | First consultative meeting of Syrian Americans held in Washington DC

The participants agreed that Syrians themselves must first be willing to set aside their differences and become a united front for their efforts to have any chance of succeeding

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